ACPA Cleft Courage Bear

Type: Family Services Products
Price: $27.00
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ACPA's Cleft Courage Bear is a life-long friend to children of all ages. Touching the lives of patients and families for nearly 30 years, this fuzzy companion brings cuddles and smiles at every step of their journey. Whether it’s walking into surgery with a child or comforting a teen on college move-in day, the ACPA Cleft Courage Bear is always there. The ACPA Cleft Courage Bear – custom-made by GUND, Inc. features stitches across the upper lip – is infant-friendly, washable and made from high-quality plush fabric.


Shipping is included. One full box of bears includes 12 bears, and the maximum number of bears that can be ordered at a time is 2 boxes (or 24 bears). 

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1, 2023, store orders are shipped twice a month, around the middle and end of each month. Thank you for your patience.